Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bishops' conference distants itself from Cardinal Kasper remarks

Cardinal Walter Kasper is in hot water after describing Britain as a "third-world country" where an "agressive new atheism" is rife. (The second remark doesn't seem so controversial). He is not coming with the Pope -- because of gout, the Vatican says. Cardinal Kasper has long been the point man for relations with Anglicans, and will be missed -- but not by Damian Thompson, who thinks it "ironic that the Cardinal should get into trouble for the first sensible thing he’s said in years."

The bishops' conference of England and Wales, who didn't think the remarks were sensible, said:

“The attributed comments of Cardinal Kasper do not represent the views of the Vatican, nor those of bishops in this country.  Clearly, they are the personal views of one individual.  Catholics play a full part in this country’s life and welcome the rich diversity of thought, culture and people which is so evident here.  This historic visit marks a further development of the good relationship between the United Kingdom and the Holy See. We are confident that it will be a huge success.”