Thursday, 9 September 2010

Boris welcomes Benedict

Says the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in the Westminster Record
It is an enormous honour for our city that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will be spending much of his time in London during his visit to the UK and the truly momentous nature of His Holiness' visit, to Catholics in London and beyond, will be a joy to behold. I am sure that Londoners of all faiths, and indeed none, will give him the warmest possible welcome.”

"London has much to be grateful to the Catholic Church for over hundreds of years, historically through its concern for the poorest and most vulnerable in society to the present day, where it continues to make a virtue of public service through its impact in a range of areas of importance to Londoners - from education to the provision of pastoral care and social services for the community.”  

“With the visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, it strikes me that were we to be looking for a motto for our capital, Dei sub numine viget* seems to hit the right note. We look forward to welcoming him”.
*Under God’s power she flourishes