Thursday, 9 September 2010

Catholic Voices debates PtP on C4 News

Las night's Channel 4 News -- to watch the item go here and select 'Pt4: Pope Protest' on the right-hand side -- ran a story about the meeting held yesterday morning between Archbishop Peter Smith of Southwark and the Protest the Pope coalition. The meeting was suggested and arranged by the police, and resulted in reassurances to the Church that the protest would not seek to disrupt the papal visit (see Guardian here and ICN here, which has +Peter's statement.)  "It was all very British," said C4 news presenter Jon Snow introducing the item, which included an enthusiastic "view from the pews" from Catholic Voice Fiona O'Reilly (photo from the report) and afterwards a debate between Peter Tatchell of Protest the Pope (photo, left) and CV coordinator Austen Ivereigh. Tatchell said there were "secret files" on abusive priests in the Vatican that there being witheld from police. Ivereigh thought Tatchell had been reading too much Dan Brown.