Sunday, 12 September 2010

Catholic Voices on BBC Radio on Sunday

BBC World Service, Newshour [16:30-30:56] -- CV Fiona O'Reilly discusses the BBC survey (Listen).  

BBC Radio London, Inspirit [2:36-2:39]: testimony by CV Robert Colquhoun (Listen). 

BBC Radio London Inspirit [2:41-2:55]: CV Fr Paul Keane (photo) discusses the survey findings with Pat Brown, a campaigner for women's ordination; Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist Association; and John Deery, who has made a documentary on priestly celibacy.(Listen.)

BBC West Midlands Andrew Peach [1:02-1.06] CV coordinator Austen Ivereigh discusses the findings. (Listen).

BBC Radio Four Sunday programme [25:15-35:50] CV coordinator Austen Ivereigh gives his views on Protest the Pope campaign (clips from Terry Sanderson, Peter Tatchell, Geoffrey Robertson etc.). Ivor Roberts responds to Robertson's claims that the Vatican is not a proper state. (Listen).