Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Morning Live

The BBC1's Sunday morning successor to the 'Big Questions', Sunday Morning Live, asked this morning if the Church was obsessed with sex and whether it was a force for good. After a rather biased report (02:25-06:00) which assumed female ordination was a matter of women's rights, a panel of three -- (photo, left to right) CV coordinator Jack Valero, the feminist writer Julie Bindel and clerical abuse survivor, Colm O'Gorman -- discussed the first question (roughly 06:00 to 36:00), being joined at one point by CV chaplain Fr Stephen Wang on celibacy (16:10).  Then Catholic journalist Melanie McDonagh (photo) presented the case for the Church being a force for good (37:40-39:36); then joined the panel discussion (now without Bindel), with webcam interventions from Neil Thorns, head of advocacy at Cafod, and Terry Sanderson of the National Secular Society.