Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Leading Anglican ecstatic after Abbey service

Canon Jim Rosenthal, who -- roughly speaking -- does the communication for the Anglican Communion worldwide recalls:

As I left the Abbey and made my way down Whitehall, a young girl, walking along with her mother and 3 other children, said, "Father, did you see the Pope", I said, "Yes". She asked "Can you give us a blessing", I said, "of course" and learned their rather exotic African names and that they were from St Ignatius Church in Hackney. They carried the Union Jack with an image of the Pope and their smiles and level of excitement were infectious. They made me feel so good. As I said goodbye I asked them to light a candle for me and waved. I then stopped and asked the young boy if he would like to have my rather elegant order of service. "This is the official programme," I said. The boy, with a great smile said, "Thank you, Father", and promised they would keep it safe as a remembrance of this day. They touched it as if it were gold.

All I can say is that Christianity has a bright future if this young mother and her 4 children from Hackney have their say. For them and the Papal visit I simply say, Thanks be to God.